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PO Box 11114 Overland Park, KS 66207(913) 221-9663 info@earthway.biz

If you own a historical home, live in a historic preservation district or are considering purchasing and/ or renovating a historic home, you can be facing a variety of challenges. From understanding historical home codes, finding matching materials or skilled craftsmen to complete a historical preservation or upgrade, Earthway has found homeowners do not know where to turn for assistance, have a project completed correctly or may experience ‘sticker shock’ at the additional cost involved.

The biggest challenge historic homeowners face, especially during a historical restoration project is materials today are vastly different from materials, wood, steel and finishes used 100+ years ago. You may have purchased your property for a “good deal,” but the non-historical popcorn ceiling in your living room could be hiding a vast array of surprises such as cracks, water stains or even damaged plaster once it comes down. You might have even started a renovation project and months later your living area still looks like the demo set of “extreme home makeover.”

At Earthway, we know how important it is to make you, the homeowner, aware of what to expect during the remodeling or historical preservation process. The most effective way to minimize surprises is extensive research & careful planning. Appropriate time and attention given to research and historical project planning will benefit your budget of the project and help set a realistic schedule.

Earthway has been involved in numerous restoration and preservation projects and understand the challenges historic homeowners face when considering a restoration or preservation project. The Earthway team can outline in detail the historical deconstruction vs. demolition process, removal and preservation of existing components and how to effectively match existing components and fix them “old world style.”

To learn more about Earthway’s historical remodel and preservation processes, call us at (913) 221-9663 with any questions you have and to schedule an initial consultation. We look forward to helping you with your historical home improvement or preservation project and turning your historical space into a functional living and comfortable dwelling!