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PO Box 11114 Overland Park, KS 66207(913) 221-9663 info@earthway.biz

In order the help Earthway Prospects and Clients understand our process, we want to share with you a little more about how your project consultation and planning will generally proceed. This process is intended to maximize both Earthway’s and your time as well as collect as much information as possible on the proposed remodel so we can provide you with a comprehensive quotation. This is Earthway’s standard process to ensure your project runs smoothly and is well organized. We have refined this process from our extensive experience in the construction industry.

Here is a list of questions we ask as part of a Getting to Know You and Your Remodel/ Home Improvement Project Survey.

  • How long have you been considering a remodel/ home improvement project?
  • What is your timeline for starting the remodel/ home improvement project?
  • What is your understanding of the process of a remodel/ home improvement project?
  • How familiar are you with “green or sustainable” construction practices?
  • How would you describe your satisfaction with your current home improvement research efforts?
  • How many other contractors have you meet with to discuss this project?
  • Have you ever had an Energy Audit in order to assess your current home energy consumption?
  • Approximately how much have you budgeted for the remodel/ home improvement project?
  • What concerns or fears do you have about the remodel/ home improvement project?
  • What benefits do you want to come out of this proposed remodel/ home improvement project?
  • Anything else you would like Earthway to know about your project before we meet?

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1. The Initial Consultation

  • You provide Earthway with your ideas, share your concerns and discuss the scope of your dream project
  • We listen carefully and provide feedback
  • Next, Earthway outlines the renovation process

    2. Feasibility Study

  • Earthway studies the physical layout of the proposed room, addition or project
  • We review blueprints, land plats and surveys as needed
  • We obtain initial bids from subcontractors and material suppliers
  • Finally, Earthway will give you a preliminary estimate of the cost for the project

3. Concept Design and Price Planning

  • Both parties sign a Design Agreement, specifying the scope of design services requested
  • Next, Earthway provides an architect or designer to assist with preparation of drawings if necessary
  • You approve the conceptual drawings
  • We prepare a work scope and project specifications
  • You select appliances, floor coverings, specialty items, etc (if applicable)
  • Earthway obtains specific bids from subcontractors and suppliers based on final drawings
  • Finally, Earthway presents the final drawings and cost projections to you
  • If both parties agree to the drawings & projections, both parties sign a Construction Contract

4. Pre-Construction

  • Earthway prepares the construction documents
  • We obtain any and all necessary building permits
  • We conduct pre-construction meetings with you and the contractors
  • We prepare your home or building site to minimize impact of the project on the homeowner
  • Your Project begins

5. During Construction

  • The Project Manager visits your project daily and is available by phone to answer any questions
  • Site is swept broom clean each day and given a detailed cleaning each Friday
  • Sub-contractors’ work is closely monitored and given a final inspection by the Project Manager as they complete their trade
  • You are kept updated on the progress of the project at all times
  • The Project Manager is available to perform a walk through with you at any point

6. Project Completion

  • Earthway conducts a final walk-through of the entire project with you
  • We both agree on a “finish list”
  • Items on finish list are resolved and completed
  • Then, the One Year Work Warranty period begins
  • Client receives a follow up survey asking for a testimonial and their experience working with Earthway

Ready to get started on your home improvement project? Click here to request a Consultation.