PO Box 11114 Overland Park, KS 66207(913) 221-9663 info@earthway.biz
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PO Box 11114 Overland Park, KS 66207(913) 221-9663 info@earthway.biz

Earthway Enterprises understands the value of the investments our clients have made in home improvement projects, both emotionally and financially, and we approach and build each project with this commitment in mind. Earthway’s years of hands-on trade experience and construction management ensure our clients a smooth and well-managed project…start to finish! From Brookside, West Plaza and River Market to Leawood, Prairie Village and Lenexa, Earthway’s remodeling and home improvement professionals are here for you.

Residential construction is a team effort and at Earthway we have an organization where each member has the same goal; to bring unmatched quality and customer satisfaction to all of our projects, large or small. This team brings commitment, communication and expertise to your project and delivers quality workmanship with increased comfort and value to your home. We encourage you to check our client testimonials and Angie’s List page. Our reputation tells of a long history of high professional standards, innovative ideas, integrity and positive client feedback.

When researching a home remodeling or construction project, are any of these statements true for you?

  • I do not know how to begin researching or start costing a home or single room remodel project.
  • I am confused about what a remodel project entails in order to add on or re-work a (historic) home or single room.
  • I do not have resources or knowledge to find sustainable/ green friendly product alternatives for my home.
  • Our family feels guilty about using excessive energy & water resources for day-to-day-living, we want to improve & save!
  • I am concerned that a personal or family health issues are dwelling related, but I do not know who to talk with about it.
    We feel financially irresponsible or are afraid we may overspend when building onto the home or renovating an existing structure.
  • I am frustrated the home or living space does not ‘flow well’ or have living functionality.
  • I am unsure whether a remodel project will add significantly to the current property value of my home/ dwelling.
  • I have historic home or property and do not know what historical codes I need to follow or how the historical restoration or preservation process works or the costs involved.

If any of these statements are true for you, then you are a good fit to become a client here at Earthway Enterprises.

Now you know a little more about Earthway and what we do, the challenges our clients face and the type of projects we specialize in, we invite you to learn more about the Earthway Story.

Call us at (913) 221-9663 with any questions you have and to schedule an initial consultation. We look forward to helping you realize your home improvement, energy saving and remodeling dreams.

At Earthway, we want you to know you have a partner in construction or design that understands your needs, provides you straightforward costing and remodeling solutions as well as can use our extensive knowledge in green, sustainable practices with proven, bottom line saving results to the homeowner.

Remodeling or renovating an occupied home is a large interruption for the inhabitants. Even something as small as repainting a room requires moving all the furnishings and upsetting your normal household routine. At Earthway, we know how important it is to make you, the homeowner, aware of what to expect during the remodeling process. The most effective way to minimize the disturbance is careful planning. Appropriate attention given to planning will benefit the budget of the project and help set a realistic schedule.

Because of level of experience and expertise, Earthway is solution focused and helps eliminates these common client issues/ concerns:

  • Frustration a remodeling project is sloppy and the project fails to meet high-end expectations
  • Disappointment there is not a project manager on site; leads to project miscommunication issues
  • Angry they are “nickel and dimed” on change orders and project mis-quotes
  • Tired of “same ole, same ole” because of lack of design innovation or progressive ideas
  • Worried about additional clean up or undiscovered damage after the workers leave project site
  • Family 
members do not feel safe or are worried about pet’s well being with in-home workers
  • Scared project may be a “guinea pig” remodel due to lack of 
expertise, adequate references or experience
  • Concerned they are not going to receive personalized attention or this will be “just another project”
  • Presentation of alternative living arrangements for remodels when “main living space” is under construction eg. Temporary Kitchen/ Bathroom

To learn more about planning for your sustainable construction project, click here for our Client Planning & Next Steps.
If you are ready for an initial consultation, visit our brief Getting to Know Your Home Construction Project Questionnaire.

If you are ready to get started with your green construction project, give Earthway a call at (913) 221-9663.